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We offer professional and sensitive home organisation services. Reclaiming your space is our speciality.

Home office decluttering and organising

This office had gotten out of hand mainly because of the number of journals, newsletters and other subscriptions that kept being delivered. I decluttered the desk but also my clients subscriptions - most cancelled, job done!

An organised laundry room

These clients wanted to prep their house for sale. They'd started to declutter but they became a bit overwhelmed and needed a hand. This laundry took about 1.5 hrs to remove rubbish, tidy, sort and put things back where they belonged.

Garage organising

This client had a hobby she wanted to start and the shed was the perfect space, IF she could get in there. We donated a few items on FB which were picked up before the job was finished! 3.5 hrs of elbow grease later and job done.

Kitchen organising

A handyman hubby had taken over the kitchen bench during a few indoor projects so I was called in to help put him and his tools back in the shed where they belonged! Simple!

Wardrobe and bedroom organising

This client's wardrobe had started to spread out into the bedroom. A good cull was needed of clothes that no longer fit or were old and out of date. I took around 8 bags to charity and left my client with a calm, tidy space to sleep in.

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